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Welcome to the log community for crucen. We are a multifandom/multiuniverse RPG. Please visit the main community for more information.

Please follow the following rules:

FINISH YOUR LOGS no really. We're not going to bite your head off if you have an unfinished log or two since losing inspiration for it is possible and situations happen. But. If you have 10 unfinished logs and 2 finished ones, we might just have a problem.
REMEMBER TO ADD YOUR TAGS if you jump into an open log, try to add your tag. The moderators will occasionally lurk the community to take care of this, but we won't be able to take care of everything.
ADD YOUR WARNINGS you see the little warning section in the log format? Yes? Good. Please use it--not everyone wants to read about how your characters ~*came together*~.
USE THE FORMAT and accept no substitutes.
FRIENDS LOCK MATURE CONTENT if the rating of your log is R or NC17.


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